Got hours of music just lying around on the computer, so this might count as another step to make it accessible.

My Hometown was written, I think, in 2003 or 4 and recorded maybe in 2005 together with Bosse Litsheim of Ai Phoenix​ on percussion and backing vocals and Jørgen Sandvik – artistside​ of Real Ones on mandolin and backing vocals. I sang, plucked the guitar and played the lap steel guitar on this one.

We travelled together with our instruments to Høyanger located by the Sognefjord. Me and Jørgen stayed in the late Bønna’s house (if I remember correctly). I think we were there for a week and recorded in the old gun club house. It seems like forever ago, and judging by the lyrics it is forever ago also. A year earlier I had discovered the Bonnie “Prince” Billy record Master And Everyone, and I was also pretty much soaked in compulsive Elliott Smith listening, finally finding something else than old country-blues, british folk from the 60s and Bob Dylan.

Its been a long road since then, and this was my first in a studio, and a first together with other musicians. I had shown Jørgen my four-track demos of this song and a few others and he wanted us to take it a step further. Bosse planned things, and made it happen.