Steps Leading Nowhere

This song was written by my ailing father. Sick with cancer my father set out on a song writing journey a few years back, and wrote around fifty songs over the course of two or three years. Being a great outlet and therapy for him, it also gave a new insight for me into my fathers thoughts and mind.

New releases out digitally

Several releases will be available during the next few days on Rdio, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify and likely elsewhere too. Hopefully more material will be published in the near future.

Single out on October 14th on Spotify and iTunes

Lazy - Coverart

The last few years has been a hectic period, with less recording put out. I’ve been producing slowly at the same pace as always, and really hope to get something new out soon.
In the meantime I decided to get one of my early hits, Lazy, out on Spotify, Wimp and iTunes.