Artwork The Course of Things and Our Insignificance

Recorded during the month of December 2015. Since november 2015 my father has been on his last, sick with cancer, and he has been forced to commit himself to a nursery home in Florø. During this time I’ve left my home in Bergen to stay with my father, and his wife. We’re watching out for father on shifts, and during the time I’ve had by myself I’ve making music and recording. This album is a result of this.

The first track is a mellow version of the Burzum classic, and a favorite of mine. I’ve rearranged it to a open tuning (dadga#d, all other songs on this release are also using this tuning) and arranged a vocal melody for it.

The second song is one of my fathers favorite songs and was written by Don McLean and released on his American Pie album.

The last two tracks were written by me, and also revolve around the themes I’m surrounded by these days. Memories. Death. The future. Fatherhood. Childhood.