I have written songs about this, and I guess there’s a pattern to it. I dissapear for a while, and then return again. This time I’ve been away since I released a few things, back in 2016 I guess it was.

And then I wake up from the slumber again. I see people from all around the world are listening, and it kind of makes me happy. Grateful. And that there’s someone who care. I do love making these songs, and my path has steadily become more and more settled conceptually.

I’ve always enjoyed the narrower music styles. There may a common denominator to them. Maybe I’m drawn to a particular sound. Unpolished sound. I’m not really sure. But the last few years I’ve been completely immersed in black metal, death metal, punk and thrash. And every once in a while I stumble across other things I get inspired by.

A while back I recorded a Burzum tune. I have a new arrangement coming too. Jesu’ Död/Jesus’ Tod, and I tried out a verse on Instagram. I hope I’ll get it done in not too long.

I’ve written (or mostly improvised) a bunch of new songs too. ‘Open eyes’ started out as a Elliott Smothesque song, and ended up entirely electronic/synth based. I hope to make an EP with the various versions of that.

Anyway. I have more new stuff. A lot. But I have to go through it, sort out a few arrangements here and there. Tighten up a few lyrics. Record a little.