The Course of Things and Our Insignificance

Recorded by my fathers’ bedside during the last few weeks before he passed away — as a way to reach him as he slipped further away in his sleep, and a way to remember what mattered so much for him and me — music.

Liner notes and lyrics

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Burzum – The musical pioneer vs. the delusional thinker

Varg Vikernes, aka Burzum. A musical pioneer and groundbreaker for the black metal genre, but also a delusional race theorist. Is it possible to consume his music without consuming his ideologies outside of his music? As a listener of Burzum, and as a year long reader... read more

I feel like running. Fast.

It’s been seven months of a hardships and sadness. Loss and grief. In my mind the stories from these months are so close. They lie in the surface of my thoughts most of my days. And I grow so tired of them, and the desire to change them, or to reverse what has... read more

Live from Landmark

Line Ira who runs the Perfect Sounds Forever concept in Bergen invited me to warm up for Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts when they came to Bergen. So I brought my fathers Alhambra nylon string guitar and played a few songs from The Course of Things and Our... read more

Steps Leading Nowhere — The Story Behind The Song

My father has always been a brave soul. Never afraid to explore what has been unfamiliar and unknown up till where he has gotten in his life. This song was written by my ailing father. Sick with cancer my father set out on a song writing journey a few years back, and... read more